5 Remodels That Don’t Add Enough Value to Your Home

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Many homeowners hope to increase the value of their homes by adding upgrades to attract potential buyers. At times, it is hard to tell the full cost of the improvements. However, you must be careful to avoid making a worse return on your investment. This guide will help you to identify 5 remodels that add no value to your home.

Over Upgrading

The upgrade should be similar to your neighborhood. When you go overboard, buyers will not want to view your house as they may not be able to afford the home. To avoid this, you can make a tour to your neighbors’ houses and get to know what type of features to apply in your home. You can make the renovations beautiful to be a selling point, but not so luxurious to push away potential buyers.

Conversion of rooms

Buyers look for the number of spaces available when they tour your house. Altering some areas to fit your preference can end up negatively affecting the resale value of your house. For example, many buyers look for homes with three spacious bedrooms, a garage, and two bathrooms. As a homeowner, you might want to knock down one bedroom to add an extra room for your giant closet. It is quite unfortunate that your interests do not match with those of some buyers. Instead, they opt to like a home with a spare bedroom.

Costly customized designs

Unless you intend to stay in your house for numerous years, it is not a wise idea to make renovations that are highly personalized. Your dream kitchen might not be another person’s idea of a dream kitchen. It may end up costing you during the listing. At times, many buyers choose to change the homes to suit their taste. In case you want to upgrade your kitchen, you can select basic designs to attract buyers.


Pools can either be a win or a fail. If you live in a hot climate where people use them throughout the year, you might get a buyer. However, in most cases, it costs money to maintain the pool. The likelihood of getting back the money is low. Buyers who have small children will be more concerned about safety. Those who want a yard that requires less money to maintain may not like to buy a home with a pool, which is expensive to maintain.
New expensive floors and windows
Installing new floors and windows can be costly. There is no guarantee that the materials you will choose will appeal to the buyers. Instead, you can keep tiled floors sparkling clean. The wooden floors can be sanded and coated. There is a probability that new homeowners will replace wall-to-wall carpets. The carpet can be steam cleaned. You can call a professional to assist in the elimination of stubborn stains.
Therefore, you should avoid doing unnecessary upgrades with the hope of getting more money when you sell your home. Do your research ahead of time and get to know the necessary repairs. You can consult a real estate agent and get advice on what can boost the resale value of your property.


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